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Celebrating Veterans Day: A Personal Journey of Service, Sacrifice, and Resilience

By: Lori Noonan, CEO & Founder of Capacity Builders

Capacity Builders Celebrating Veterans Day

Veterans Day is not just a day of remembrance; it's a celebration of service, of sacrifice, and of the indomitable spirit that defines our armed forces. As the CEO and Founder of Capacity Builders and a proud Navy veteran, I'd like to share a snippet of my own journey and the profound impact that military service has had on my life.

Every service member has a unique story, filled with chapters of dedication, challenges, and growth. My story began at NAF Lajes, a place that many may not recognize, but it became home for me. In the Anti-Submarine Warfare Operations Center (ASWOC) and the Special Intelligence Communications Center (SPINTCOMM), I found purpose and camaraderie, working alongside some of the most dedicated and incredible individuals I've ever known. Over 95% of my military journey took place overseas, presenting both invaluable experiences and unique challenges.

However, military life is not without its trials. My most significant challenge was not found on the duty rosters or in overseas assignments, but at home, when my infant daughter faced a life-threatening condition that required 24-hour monitoring. As a single parent, the weight of my responsibility to her clashed with the demands of military service overseas. The decision to leave the military, the community I cherished, and the work I loved was one of the hardest I've ever made. But it was a decision rooted in love, resilience, and a sense of duty to my family.

On this Veterans Day, I celebrate not just my own service, but the service of countless men and women who have donned the uniform. I honor those who continue to serve, those who have hung up their boots, and those who paid the ultimate price. I also recognize the families and loved ones who stand resiliently by their side, enduring sacrifices of their own.

To all veterans: your stories, your sacrifices, and your spirit enrich our nation. At Capacity Builders, we acknowledge the strength and diversity you bring, not just on Veterans Day, but every day.

Today, as I reflect upon my time in service and the challenges I faced, both in uniform and as a parent, I'm reminded of the resilience and adaptability that the military instills in its members. These qualities have shaped the very foundation of Capacity Builders and continue to guide our mission.

Thank you to all veterans for your unwavering commitment to our country. Your legacy is an enduring testament to the ideals we hold dear. Happy Veterans Day.

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