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Fourth quarter is almost here. Are you ready?

Tips to help you maximize your year-end donations, by Lori Noonan

end of year fundraising for nonprofit organizations

Are you looking to end the year strong and set your nonprofit up for success in the upcoming year? Check out these five essential strategies that can help you maximize fundraising efforts, evaluate impact, and plan for future growth. Whether it's personalized communication, year-end giving campaigns, financial planning, impact evaluation, or goal setting, these activities will ensure your nonprofit is on track to make a meaningful difference in the community you serve.

Let's dive in and explore how each of these strategies can benefit your organization. As the fourth quarter approaches leading into year-end, nonprofits should focus on several key areas:

Strategy #1 - Donor stewardship

Nonprofits should prioritize strengthening relationships with their donors by expressing gratitude and keeping them updated on the impact of their contributions. This can involve personalized communication, sending thank-you notes or emails, and providing progress reports on projects.

Strategy #2 - Year-end giving campaigns

Many individuals are more inclined to give during the holiday season, so nonprofits should design strategic fundraising campaigns to capitalize on this generosity. This can include email, social media, or direct mail appeals, matching gift challenges, or creating a sense of urgency with year-end deadlines.

According to the 2023 M+R Benchmarks Report, December giving accounts for roughly one fourth (26%) of annual nonprofit revenue.

Strategy #3 - Financial planning

Nonprofits should review their financials and budget for the upcoming year. This involves assessing the organization's financial health, projecting future revenue and expenses, and identifying areas for growth or improvement.

Strategy #4 - Impact evaluation

It is essential for nonprofits to evaluate and measure the impact of their programs and services. This involves collecting and analyzing data, conducting surveys or assessments, and using this information to inform programmatic decisions and demonstrate accountability to stakeholders.

Strategy #5 - Goal setting

Nonprofits should take the time to set goals and plan for the upcoming year. This can include defining objectives, creating action plans, and establishing measurable targets to ensure continued progress and success.

Wrap Up

By focusing on these areas, nonprofits can end the year on a strong note and set themselves up for a successful start to the next year. Interested in learning more about how Capacity Builders can help you maximize your organization's potential? Contact Us Today!

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